Meaningful Returns
Reduce costs and payouts

Data-driven insights for symptom-free life

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Remote home monitoring
Elderly and high risk patients
Quick, safe, and affordable
Pulmonary function test
Reduce healthcare utilization
Better patient outcome results in lesser hospitalisation and ER visits
Improved outcome

Comprehensive Respiratory care managment

Patients with Asthma are more prone to visit ER if not manage proactively.
Initial screening and periodic monitoring is crucial.
Continuous intervention with right treatment protocols help patients with ILD.
Pulmonary Fibrosis
Regular monitoring is necessary to understand the lung volume and functions.
Right treatment protocols and continuous monitoring slow down the progression.
Post COVID-19
COVID-19 impacts on lung function hence monitoring and rehab is must.
Improved Member Experience
Better clinical outcome
Customisable workflows
Meaningful Returns
Meet quality standard
Deeper insights on risks
Data driven underwriting

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