Take charge of your medication plan.

Medication adherence is the key to keep control over exacerbation. alveodot® is an MDI inhaler sensor which keeps the track and monitor your medication intake pattern and reminds you at due time so that you should not forget even a single dose.

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*alveodot® MDI sensor is in Beta trials. Reserve your sensor by expressing interest.

alveodot® SMART MDI sensor
State of art, MDI sensor to maximum control
alveofit® application
Comprehensive management of your health condition
Medication Management

Gain control on your medication and lung condition

alveofit® ecosystem allows you to easily and effectively manage your asthma and COPD. With help of inbuilt intelligent machine learning system that understands your triggers, symptoms, medication usage patterns based on which it can provide relevant insights to help you control your asthma better anytime anywhere.

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Track your medication
SMART sensor keep the track of your medication events
Continuous Monitoring
Understand your rescue medication intake.
Improve adherence
Reminds your when your medication is due.
Gain max control
If things go off the track, it reminds you to see the doctor.
Improve complaince
Compliance is the key to gain maximum control. It track how, when, where and occurrence.
Know your control
Our AI-ML algorithms, draw insights about your control status and keep you updated.

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