Advanced connected care delivery with alveoConnect®.

Integrated mobile apps, alveoair® digital spirometers with MDI sensors with FHIR enabled APIs to connect your existing EHR/EMR workflow, alveofit® provide complete connected platform to provide more engaged care.

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Connected Care

Respiratory care requires continuous intervention

With alveoConnect® track the lung function test results of an unlimited number of patients. Follow and observe lung function trends for FEV1 and FVC parameters over days, months, years.

Personalised care

Provide personalised care to your patients

Respiratory conditions are chronic in nature and require continuous monitoring and timely intervention. Help your patients to get onboard on alveofit® so that, you should be aware about patient goals and their achievements via alveoConnect®.

Enable your patients to conduct spirometry from their home
Secured connection
All communication between patient and provider is highly secured.
Tele Spirometry

Enabletele-respiratory practice and monitor patients remotely

alveofit® solutions provide wide range of digital IOT enabled platform to track your patients remotely and even conduct tele-spirometry with comprehensive care management solutions

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We are an eco-system for your respiratory practice

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